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Brooke hires Tad Martin to find out who fathered Dixie's baby, and Tad and Dixie become friends.They talk, laugh, eat chicken fingers and become very close.In time, Adam's plan works and he sends Dixie to a sanitarium.Adam looks forward to raising his son and winning back Brooke, but has not counted on the fact that Tad will stop at nothing to get Dixie out of the mental institution.Nearly three years later, in late 1992, it is revealed that Tad had survived the explosion and has been living in California under a different name. With Tad's help, she finally regains custody of Adam Jr.Their second marriage, lasts about 2 years until JR (then 8 years old) catches Tad having an affair.

Although it is obvious (to the audience) that Dixie loves Tad as well, she decides to stay with Adam and tells Tad that they cannot be friends or see each other anymore.Their union was studied and featured within books, held up as an ideal paradigm for other fictional pairings, In early 2007, controversy abounded when former All My Children head writer Megan Mc Tavish made the decision to kill off one half of the pair — Dixie.Viewers protested against the writers and the ABC television network, demanding that they find a way to undo Dixie's death.Soon after her arrival in Pine Valley, Dixie falls under the influence of Adam Chandler, the archenemy of her Uncle Palmer.Although Adam and Brooke English are happily married at the time, Adam realizes that Brooke cannot give him the one thing that he wants most in the world — a son.

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