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They know the internet is a magical entity capable of answering obscure questions; providing printable templates of pretty much any animal to colour in; and serving up endlessly-repeatable videos of startled cats, Stampy’s Minecraft exploits and loom band tutorials.

What they don’t know is anything about viruses, online privacy, phishing, social networking etiquette, and any other internet safety and/or security issue you can think of.

The Global Genes Rare Disease Stock Index finished the week down 3.84 percent.

Nevertheless, all of the major…Continue Reading World Rare Disease Day is marked on the last day of February by rare disease patient advocates across the globe as a way to raise awareness.

It also provides undergraduate students interested in going on to medical school or biomedical research, exposure to rare disease patients and the issues they face.…Continue Reading Rare Daily Staff Soft Bones: The U. Hypophosphatasia Foundation, which is interested in promoting the development of innovative research by new and established investigators, said it is accepting applications for funding for a seed grant of ,000 for basic or clinical research directly related to…Continue Reading Rare Daily Staff Spark Therapeutics said it has entered into a licensing agreement with Novartis Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize its gene therapy Luxturna to treat an ultra-rare genetic eye disease outside the United States for 5 million upfront and up to an additional million in milestones.…Continue Reading Scott Williams, vice president and head of global patient advocacy and strategic partnerships at EMD Serono Once a cared-for patient and now a caregiver himself, Scott Williams highlights the invaluable role of informal caregivers — those friends and relatives who, out of love, go the…Continue Reading Patient organizations and drug companies have a symbiotic relationship.

Both want to see new therapies reach the market and by collaborating, they can better meet the needs of patients and accelerate the process of drug discovery and development.

How can you teach your children to use the internet safely?

It occurs almost exclusively in males and currently affects approximately 500…Continue Reading Stocks tumbled on Friday in the single biggest percentage decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since June 2016 and its worst weekly performance in two years.

People…Continue Reading Rare Daily Staff The rare disease drug company Shire said it has implemented a new publication policy requiring the submission of all Shire-supported research manuscripts to journals that offer public availability via open access, allowing the public to obtain free, unrestricted viewing online to Shire’s…Continue Reading The Global Genes Rare Disease Stock Index finished the week with an 8.44 percent gain as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an all-time record high.

The Global Genes index outperformed all of the major indices for the week and year-to-date is now the…Continue Reading The Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases at Notre Dame University conducts both basic and translational research.

I have no filtering of any kind on my kids internet, no snooping and no time limits.

I have of course spoken to each of them about the perils of the internet and they know that it’s an unsafe place unless they stay on the mainstream sites.

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