Tulisa contostavlos and fazer dating 2018

Later diagnosed as a schizoaffective disorder, the condition was triggered again when Tulisa was two and Ann began suffering from hallucinations. I would do anything for my daughter and I’m still close to her mother.’ Fast forward 32 years to last week, when another young woman embarked on a bid to become a household name.

At the time the family were living in a one-bedroom council-owned flat in Belsize Park, where Ann still resides. It had wooden floors, high ceilings and huge rooms. Already a pop star, Tulisa Contostavlos hopes that becoming an X Factor judge will catapult her to a new level of fame.

On the surface, her rags-to-riches rise bears a striking similarity to former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, whose tough upbringing on a heroin-riddled council estate in Newcastle helped cement her position as the nation’s sweetheart.

And like Cheryl, Tulisa’s showbusiness career started young.

Her faith isn’t a new-found thing – it is the rock on which her whole life has been built.The way she talks about it – the Mother Mary by her bed, for example – the place sounds more like the home of a devoted granny than Britain’s most famous bad girl.It sounds as though it would make a brilliant, unexpected Through the Keyhole.In 2009, in the off-licence incident, Tulisa’s then boyfriend Adam Bailey was accused of stabbing a man in the stomach. Although just 22, Tulisa has already penned an autobiography, Against All Odds: From Street Life To Chart Life, in which she describes her difficult early years. Tulisa still has her own bedroom there and she loves going to Greece to get a break from the music scene or on fishing holidays.‘When I was about 15 I fell in with a group of older girls. ‘If she’s depressed she cheers herself up by spending money. She has just sold a lovely house in St Albans and now has a £1million three-bedroom flat in Golders Green, North London and drives a £25,000 Audi sports car.

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