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This way, it was assumed that Ulpius Dasius had been recruited in AD 94, that he had previously served in an auxiliary unit, thus that he died in 114; other historians posited that this person was recruited in 98/99 and died in AD 118/119, when legio XV Apollinaris was transfer11 382 Ionuţ ACRUDOAE assume that Ulpius Dasius took part in this conflict, maybe even in the Parthian expedition of AD 114-11614. We assume that Ulpius Dasius died at Carnuntum little before this legion was moved indefinitely to Cappadocia. 15 AE 1900, 219; OPEL III, 157 (to attest the Praeconius gentilicium). Breeze, The organization of the career structure of the immunes and principales of the Roman army, BJ, 174, 1974, 245, 251; Graham Webster, op.

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full name, filiation, tribe, and legion/legions where he had activated; 2. discovery place and dating of the epigraphic source; 4. recruitment period (deduced by subtracting the service period from the inscription date); 8. analogies with other epigraphic sources (where necessary): mention of the individual in several inscriptions, correspondence with persons bearing the same nomen gentile and cognomen, the presence of certain officers or soldiers in various provinces; 10. Because his military was centurio in eight legions, so he may have been ex equite Romano or the son of a magistrate3. The epigraphic source was found at Carnuntum, Pannonia (Superior), and it was dated to the interval AD 74-120. This person is commemorated by his brother – Licinius Celer (fratri pro pietate), but there is no information on whether he had also activated in legio XV Apollinaris. Quintus Iulius Quinti filius Claudia (tribu) Proculus – miles legionis XV Apollinaris, from Savaria, Pannonia (later Superior)32.Descoperirile monetare în context arheologic dintr-un cartier rezidenţial din Carnuntum (Nelu ZUGRAVU) / 651; IULIAN MOGA, Culte solare şi lunare în Asia Mică în timpul Principatului (secolele I-III d. 1 Classica et Christiana, 8/2, 2013, 377-393, ISSN: 1842 - 3043 THE PROSOPOGRAPHY OF THE MILITARIES FROM PANNONIA IN LEGIO XV APOLLINARIS* Ionuţ ACRUDOAE** (“Alexandru I. Nonetheless, if he had been recruited at 18-20, then he had activated between six and eight years.Hr.) (Sorin NEMETI) / 652; GIOVANNI ANTONIO NIGRO, “Esultate giusti”. Cuza” University Iaşi) Keywords: Roman army, legio XV Apollinaris, Pannonians, mobility, prosopography. We assume that he had been recruited at the end of Claudius’ reign or during that of Nero, and that he had died when legio XV Apollinaris was at Carnuntum (it had not yet been dislocated for one of the conflicts in the second part of the first century).However, other authors believe that Aebutius Victorinus promoted ex caliga, meaning from the lower ranks of the legion4. The tombstone was found on the territory of Carnuntum, Pannonia (Superior), and it dates to AD 74-120, when legio XV Apollinaris stationed in this province.CIL III, 260 = CIL III, 6761; Eric Birley, Some Legionary Centurions, ZPE, 79, 1989, 120; Amiram Ezov, The Centurions in the Rhine Legions in the Second and Early Third Century, Historia, 56, 2007, 71, 78. This military served 13 years in this unit, and, if he had been recruited at 18-20, then he was around 30-32 when he died.

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