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Methods were devised for wrestlers to make themselves bleed purposefully as part of their performance.

Wrestlers such as "Wild Bull" Curry, "Classy" Freddie Blassie, Dory Funk, Sr.

The table spot became a staple of ECW events, and has become so commonplace that it is now incorporated into otherwise non-hardcore matches in almost every promotion.

In Japan, hardcore promotions sprang up around the country, including Wrestling International New Generations W*ING, the International Wrestling Association of Japan and Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

A new gimmick, breaking wooden tables, was introduced to ECW through Sabu, nephew of The Sheik.

Sabu had developed a gimmick of throwing himself through a propped-up table in Japan in order to entertain the crowd and get his character over as a wild and possibly insane man.

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The Puerto Rico territory featured Carlos Colón, The Invader and Abdullah, and introduced fire as an element of violence.

The federation featured many future North American stars, and became very popular worldwide.

Soon after, in the United States, two independent promotions had brief but significant runs, serving as prototypes for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

It then became successful in America with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment capitalized on the success and introduced the WWF Hardcore Championship in the 1990s.

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