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Kohlhaas’ crusade is a matter of principal, not passion, which makes Mikklesen ideal casting for reasons beyond his Teutonic features.With a complexion of tanned leather and the frozen expression of a death mask, Mikklesen radiates a stoic intensity that carries the film’s mixed approach toward mythologizing and interrogating its subject.Jon Glazer convinced viewers to join him on a mind-scrambling tour through Glasgow in a film that promised, and delivered, plenty of nudity from star Scarlett Johansson, but surrounded it with a near-wordless, psychologically piercing character study that made the whole experiment about as sexy as a proctologist exam.

An epic drama set in 16th century France against a backdrop of feudalism in decline, AGE OF UPRISING: THE LEGEND MICHAEL KOHLHAAS stars Mads Mikkelsen (A ROYAL AFFAIR, VALHALLA RISING, Hannibal) as a well-to-do horse merchant who resorts to fanatical and violent extremes to obtain justice after a nobleman openly and illegally humiliates him by stealing two of his horses. Featuring gorgeous widescreen cinematography, MICHAEL KOHLHAAS had its world premiere in competition at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.Kohlhaas is a magnetic figure, if not a particularity likeable one: while the viewer will be put off at how the rebel is often more concerned about the well-being of his horses than that of his followers and servants, much of the film is devoted to exploring the place justice for an individual has in a world of social structures that work better in the abstract than in practice.The film’s violence and swordplay are rarely direct, often taking place off-screen, or from a distant perspective.has already greatly disappointed some uninformed viewer expecting the next great piece of fantasy schlock from bargain bin king Uwe Boll.With its mouthy title and posters featuring sword-strapped star Mads Mikklesen, a vision of medieval masculinity, one could easily mistake for a B-grade sword and sorcery epic.

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