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Fluttershy says that all the flowers in Canterlot's private garden are in bloom during the night of the event, with some of the most exotic avian wildlife in Equestria present.Rarity mentions that every year she designs dress attire for clients who have been invited to the Gala; the plot of the episode Suited For Success revolves around Rarity designing gowns for the Gala for her friends.Applejack claims the Gala will be the perfect place to sell her apple-based homemade food so she can use the money to fix the roof on her barn, Big Mc Intosh's plow, and Granny Smith's hip.Finally, Spike claims that he wants "no part of this girly gala gunk", and pretends to be disdainful about the ticket that Celestia gives him.At the end of the season in The Best Night Ever, all of the six ponies' expectations are crushed: Pinkie Pie is let down by the lack of partying; Rainbow Dash, though she does get to meet the Wonderbolts, doesn't get to perform or spend much time with them; Fluttershy explores the private garden but fails to befriend the animals, causing her to snap and start terrorizing them; Rarity meets a prince, Prince Blueblood, but although he looks exactly like the one in her imagination, he is very snobbish and off-putting; Twilight meets the princess, but finds she is busy greeting all the gala goers; and Applejack sets up a food stand but only manages to sell to Soarin.The Mane Six attempt to make it special in their own way, only to have everything literally fall apart and the party descend into total chaos, causing the Mane Six to run away.Having received his ticket late due to the mail pony Parcel Post getting lost, Discord feels snubbed for not being Fluttershy's plus one and invites another friend, the Smooze, which Twilight fears will ruin the event.The Smooze quickly begins devouring all the treasures and valuables he can find at the Gala, growing in size until he floods the entire floor with his slimy form.

Twilight thinks it will be an opportunity to meet with Princess Celestia and talk about her adventures in Ponyville.

In My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Twilight mentions the Grand Galloping Gala to Principal Celestia, citing similarities between it and Canterlot High School's Fall Formal.

According to the i OS app Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day, the Grand Galloping Gala originated when the unicorns celebrated the completion of the construction of Canterlot and invited the other ponies to a huge party, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

The party is therefore organized once every year ever since then, and continues presently.

One of the stories in the French magazine is about the Gala, albeit does not follow the same continuity as the television series.

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